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Save to Win Certificate

Win cash prizes simply by saving


Washingtonians: Finally, a certificate that allows you to make an unlimited number of deposits! Open a Save to Win Certificate so you can qualify for monthly cash prize drawings every time you make a deposit into your certificate. Your deposit-supported growth combined with the regular prize drawings can always make you feel like a winner. There are limits on the number of entries per month, and you must be a legal Washington state resident 18 years or older to win.


Up to 10 Entries Monthly

Every $25 deposited into your account, up to 10 entries per month, will earn you more entries in the monthly, quarterly, and annual drawings.

No Deposit Limit

You can make deposits of any amount and as many times into your account as you would like, but prize entries are limited to 10 per month.

Range of Prize Amounts

Prizes are drawn each month and quarter ranging from $25 to $1,000. With every qualified entry (up to 10), you are eligible to win any of these prizes. Simple as that!

Only $25 to Open

Compared to many other savings certificates, this account is more affordable to open.

Up to 10 Entries Monthly

Enjoy more chances to win each month all while you support a healthy savings habit.

As long as your deposit is $25 or more, you will earn an entry in the monthly and quarterly drawings. You can earn up to 10 chances at winning each month!

Range of Prize Amounts

You can earn cash prizes by simply saving your own money, no fees necessary.

It doesn't get much better than this. You could walk away with a prize between $25 and $1,000 from the monthly or quarterly drawings!

As high as APY

Final Balance

Contributions:     |    Earnings: 
Initial Deposit
Dividend Rate

Best financial institution in town, great loan and savings rates! Can't say enough about the wonderful staff!

— Justyn – Astoria, OR

How it works

Open a Save to Win Certificate by following the three steps below so you can be eligible to win cash prizes while building your savings.

  • 1

    Complete an application

    Open a certificate in person or over the phone.

  • 2

    Make initial deposit

    Make an initial deposit of $25 or more to start entering the drawing.

  • 3

    Make monthly deposits

    With each $25+ deposit, you can earn one entry into the monthly and quarterly drawings.

Save to Win Certificate

Saving money has never been more exciting

Open this certificate that gives you monthly chances at prizes as you build a beneficial savings habit.

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