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How long does it take to complete a funds transfer request?

It usually takes three business days, but may take as long as five business days. The specifics will depend, in part, on the time of day you initiated the transfer, your previous transfer history with the service, the amount of the transfer, and how quickly your institution updates your account after they receive the funds.

Day 0: The transfer is accepted. A withdrawal transaction is initiated and sent to the ACH network.
Day 1: A withdrawal transaction is posted on the source account.
Day 2: A standard, two business day hold is placed to ensure the funds’ availability.
Day 3: The funds are sent to the destination account and will be made available at opening of the next business day.

Please note that a poor transaction history, or no transaction history with the service, may result in an additional one-day hold on transfers, resulting in a total of four business days to complete the service.

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