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Your Membership Matters

Your Credit Union Membership Makes a Difference

As a credit union member, you’re in good company: over 132 million Americans have made the same wise decision to join a credit union. Because credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives, you’re a member and an owner. Unlike for-profit financial institutions that must pay stockholders, credit unions return benefits back to you, the member. That means you pay lower fees and get lower interest rates on your loans and credit cards.

There are 6.8 million credit union members in Washington and Oregon—57% of all residents. Credit union member benefits, combined with the wages we pay our employees and the money we spend in our communities, contributed $11.3 billion to Washington’s and Oregon’s economies in 2022.

At Fibre Federal Credit Union and TLC, we’re here solely to serve you, our member-owners. We’ll continue finding ways to save you time and money, and we look forward to being your financial partner for years to come.

*Source: GoWest Credit Union Association and ECONorthwest at

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