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Money Builder Certificate

Grow your savings at a faster rate


All great journeys begin with that first step, including starting a savings plan. For only $25, you can open a Money Builder Certificate and start earning higher dividends than many other savings account options. Make unlimited additional deposits throughout the certificate’s lifetime, and in 18 months, you’ll have built up a nice nest egg.


Deposit & Withdrawal Details

Open with a minimum deposit of just $25, and make unlimited additional deposits of at least $25 over the certificate's lifetime. Like most certificates, there is an early withdrawal fee if you access your funds before the maturity date.

18 Month Certificate

Access your funds sooner than most certificates with a special 18 month term.

Competitive Rates

Watch your savings grow at a faster pace with higher rates compared to many other savings account options.

Open and fund in Online Banking

In Desktop, click the Apply & Add tab and select Add Account. In Mobile, tap More, choose Apply & Add, and select Add Account. Choose the Money Builder Certificate and follow the prompts!

Available for Younger Members

Nobody's too young to start saving. Open a Money Builder Certificate for your children or grandchildren under 18 years old to give them a boost for their future.

I love working with Fibre Federal Credit Union. They have been a blessing to me. They make everything easy as possible for their members.

— Debbie L.

How it works

It's easy to build up your savings with a Money Builder Certificate. Just follow these simple steps:

  • 1

    Contact Us

    Let us know you'd like to open a Money Builder Certificate.

  • 2

    Make an opening deposit

    Deposit at least $25 into the certificate.

  • 3

    Make additional $25+ deposits

    Keep adding to the certificate and watch your savings grow.

Money Builder Certificate

It's time to put your savings to work

Build your savings by earning higher rates than many other savings accounts with a Money Builder Certificate.

SCAM ALERT Do not respond to a text claiming to be from Fibre, asking you to verify your identity. This is a phishing scam.

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