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Fibre Card Manager

Defense against fraud


Use this free service to protect and control your Debit and Credit Cards within in our Mobile Banking app! It allows you to define when, where, and how your cards can be used, and send alerts on your mobile device. Not yet an Online Banking user? Sign up today!


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Turn Cards On and Off

Turn your Debit and Credit Cards off with a few taps of your smartphone if they are lost or stolen. Turn them back on just as easily.

Set Travel Notifications

You can better protect your cards when you are traveling by entering the locations and date range of your trip.

Account Alerts

Receive real-time alerts when your Debit or Credit Card is used, approved, or exceeds the transaction controls set by you.

Restrict Transactions by Location

Select a location range to restrict where your cards can be used. You can even use your phone's GPS as a location, generating an immediate alert if your device and merchant locations don't match.

Establish Transaction Controls

Maybe you have a teen cardholder in your home? Set limits for dollar amounts, merchant categories, and geographic locations.

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How it works

Set up Fibre Card Manager within our Mobile Banking App.

  • 1

    Download our mobile banking app, if you haven't yet already

    Available in the App Store and Google Play ("Fibre Federal").

  • 2

    Select the Fibre Card Manager feature, then select "Launch Fibre Card Manager"

    It will ask you to download the Fibre Card Manager app.

  • 3

    Load Card Information & Choose Alerts

    Going forward, you can manage Fibre Card Manager directly through our Mobile Banking app.

Fibre Card Manager

Keeping track of your cards has never been easier

You can more easily protect your cards against fraudulent purchases and have a clearer understanding of your purchases from the convenience of your phone.

FRAUD ALERT: There are fraudulent texts claiming to be from us regarding pending charges. Do not click the link.

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