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November 29, 2022

A young man walking through a park checks the credit card control app on his smartphone for fraud alerts.

Once upon a time, a lost or misplaced credit or debit card would see you scrambling to contact your financial institution and check your account for signs of fraud. Today, a card control app means you can instantly freeze your card until it is found or replaced. Here’s how a card control app on your phone puts you in control of your banking when it really matters.


You’re probably already familiar with the convenience and flexibility of online banking, allowing you to check your balance, move funds, and pay bills on your own time. But what about when you fear your credit or debit card might have been stolen or compromised

Card control apps now allow you to instantly freeze access to your card from your phone, cutting off access to your funds and giving you valuable time to establish if your card has really been stolen or simply misplaced—and potentially preventing unnecessary card replacements.

What’s more, the card control apps also place a host of other features in your hands, including alerts and restrictions on when, where, and how your card is used. That means:

  • More power in your pocket to manage your own budget and spending
  • Control and flexibility as your teen takes their first steps toward financial responsibility
  • Peace of mind if you’re helping an older family member maintain independence

Here’s how the features offered by your financial institution’s card control app can help you achieve these things.


Card control apps such as Fibre Federal Credit Union’s Fibre Card Manager put the following features in your hands:

Turn Cards On and Off

You can turn your debit and credit cards off using the Fibre Card Manager with just a few taps of your smartphone. If your card has been stolen and compromised, this drastically reduces the time criminals have access to your funds. Plus, if you think you might have misplaced a card, but aren’t quite sure, you can turn it off and have instant peace of mind until you’ve located it.

Account Alerts

Take control of your spending with real-time alerts every time your credit or debit card is used or exceeds spending limits or rules set by you. This can help you:

  • Protect your cards
  • Track your spending
  • Manage your teen’s card use

Establish Transaction Controls

Set limits for exactly how, where, and when a card can be used. Fibre Card Manager’s transaction controls allow you to: 

  • Set dollar amounts available for single transactions or over a set period of time
  • Limit geographic regions where the card will work
  • Identify merchant categories where the card can be used

Restrict Transaction by Locations

You can further limit where your card is used through Fibre Card Manager’s location control settings by defining a particular location range within which—and only within which—your credit and debit cards are allowed to work. 

Set Travel Notifications

Planning a trip? You’re more at risk of credit card theft or fraud when you are traveling. You can leverage Fibre Card Manager by entering the locations and date range of your trip, and also make sure your existing location restrictions don’t prevent you from using your card for legitimate transactions while you’re traveling.


It’s always important to act quickly when you believe your credit or debit card might have been stolen or compromised because time is of the essence in limiting the damage a criminal might do.

Fibre Card Manager puts control of credit and debit cards into our members’ hands. The app allows you to turn off your card instantly—from anywhere. While it’s always important to notify us about a lost or stolen card, freezing the card allows you to get the jump on criminals trying to access your funds.

That extra security comes along with other benefits that allow you to fine-tune when and where your card is used, including:

  • Dollar amount limits on spending
  • Geographical and time restrictions
  • Curbs on spending at certain merchant categories

You’ll also get alerts on all card transactions—including attempted and declined transactions— from the convenience of your phone.

How It Works

You can set up Fibre Card Manager using our free Mobile Banking app. Simply download the Fibre Federal Credit Union app from the Apple Store or Google Play on your phone.

Once you have the app installed, use the “Launch Fibre Card Manager” feature to download the credit card control app and begin taking control of your Fibre Federal or TLC-issued debit and credit cards. 

Click below to learn more and start taking advantage of our Fibre Card Manager!

See the Benefits of Using Fibre Card Manager

Fraud Alert: Beware of phishing texts that look like they're from us. Don't click links to verify card or Online Banking activity. Be safe and contact us directly!

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