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Get Money When You Need It with Flash Cash

The unexpected never happens at a convenient time. Whether you’re facing an accident, unexpected repair, or just need a little extra cash to make it to payday, Flash Cash can save the day!

What's Flash Cash?

Flash Cash is a smarter alternative to payday loans and other high-cost options to help you get by when you face a sudden expense. Apply in just a few clicks at any time, day or night, and you’ll know instantly if you’re approved. Upon approval, funds are deposited in moments!

  • No credit check required
  • Quick, easy online application with instant approval
  • Loan amounts from $200-$2,000, based on your relationship with us instead of credit bureaus
  • You can qualify after just 3 months of membership
  • $20 application fee
  • Annual Percentage Rate: 25%
  • Upon approval, we immediately deposit funds to your account
  • Fees and repayment terms vary based on loan amount

Loan Payment Example:

A $1,000 Flash Cash loan at 25.00% APR** for a 12 month term would have a $95.02 monthly payment.


Apply for Flash Cash in Online Banking or Mobile Banking:

Log in, choose Apply & Add, then Flash Cash, and follow the prompts.

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I was sick and had to go to urgent care four times and already paid $600. Just got another bill for $980. Today, my 15-year-old kitty had five teeth extracted for $1114. I have been so stressed. Then y'all have Flash Cash. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

— Melissa

Rates effective as of: June 13, 2024

*Decision based on all loans are subject to loan application details.
**Annual Percentage Rates effective June 13, 2024 and subject to change without notice.
***Depending on details and time of day, some applications may take up to 24 hours. Applications are approved during business hours, any applications submitted during non-business hours may take longer for decisioning.

Fraud Alert: Beware of phishing texts that look like they're from us. Don't click links to verify card or Online Banking activity. Be safe and contact us directly!

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