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Digital Wallet

Pay for things with the tap of your phone


To say it is inconvenient to have your wallet lost or stolen is a major understatement. You can worry less about carrying your cards while you are out and about, and make the purchases you need in a quick, secure, easy way. Plus, you can make payments using your phone at many of your favorite participating merchants.


Convenience is Key

Make purchases at thousands of merchants in-store and online without ever touching your plastic cards!

No Lost or Stolen Cards

No more panic that comes when you leave your wallet on that bus, park bench, etc. You can worry less about your physical cards getting lost or stolen by storing them digitally.

Safety First

Instead of transferring your card number data, each transaction will take place with a unique “token” code. This helps safeguard your card from being compromised due to a data breach.

Pay With a Tap

Pay for your items without taking out your card or waiting for a chip reader approval. It’s as simple as a quick tap or wave of your device! Spend less time in the checkout line and more time enjoying your day.

And More...


  • Contact us at 1-833-462-0796 to block your card. We recommend that you remove the blocked card from your Digital Wallet. If you don’t, transactions will still be declined because the card is blocked. Once you receive your replacement card, add your new card to the Digital Wallet as if you were setting it up for the first time.

  • We recommend that you contact your cell phone provider to suspend your service for that device.  If your device is not protected with a fingerprint, passcode, PIN, or facial recognition to unlock it, please contact us at 1-800-205-7872 during business hours or 1-833-462-0796 after hours to block your card as a precaution.

  • No. Once the card is blocked, it cannot be used to make purchases.  This applies to the physical card and the Digital Wallet. Once you receive your replacement card, add your new card to the Digital Wallet as if you were setting it up for the first time.

  • Refer to the Digital Wallet websites. Each one has information related to how to use it, where to use it, and which devices are compatible.

    Apple Pay

    Apple Pay FAQ

    Google Pay

    Google Pay FAQ

    Samsung Pay

    Samsung FAQ

    Read More: How Does Digital Wallet Work?

They’re always so kind and willing to help! Banking here makes me feel safe about my money. If I have any concerns, my online app is amazing in helping when they’re closed!

— Mary P.

How it works

Start using your phone to make payments at participating merchants by following the three steps below.

  • 1

    Download the Free App

    You can download the free application on your preferred mobile device.

  • 2

    Register Your Card

    In the app, register your card you wish to make purchases with.

  • 3

    Make Purchases

    Tap your phone at checkout when you are shopping at participating merchants.

Digital Wallet

Pay for Things With the Tap of Your Phone

Digital Wallet makes life easier by storing your card information and letting you make secure, fast purchases with your phone at stores.

Fraud Alert: Beware of phishing texts that look like they're from us. Don't click links to verify card or Online Banking activity. Be safe and contact us directly!

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