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Youth Student Savings Account (12-18)

Teach your kids how to save


No one’s too young to start saving! If your child is between ages 12 and 18, it’s time to start teaching them healthy financial habits. Open a savings account designed for students and youth to help them learn how to save money and give them a head start for life.


Dollars for A's

The more A's your student earns, the higher their account grows. Earn $1 for each A they receive on a report card.

Money Builder Certificate

Teach your child the many ways to save by opening a Money Builder Certificate for just $25 that helps them save even more.

Withdraw Money Anytime

With no savings term, your teen can withdraw their money at any time to give them more financial flexibility.

Monthly Rewards

If your teen deposits $10 or more per month, they'll get a prize or gift card from a local business to encourage savings habits.

And More...

Money Builder Certificate

Learn different ways to save

Teach your teen about the different ways to save. Open a Money Builder Certificate with just $100, so they can start saving even more for their future.

Dollars for A's

Better grades mean more savings

If your student gets an A on their report card, they'll get an extra dollar added to their account. The more A's they get, the more their savings grow! Teach your student the many benefits of academic success.

As high as APY

Final Balance

Contributions:     |    Earnings: 
Initial Deposit
Dividend Rate

I have been banking with Fibre since I was 16. They were my first accounts, and creditors. They offer ridiculously low [great] interest rates. I have had other accounts at Wells Fargo, Chase, and US bank. None of them compare.

— Christa Carey – Longview, WA

Why Choose Us?

We’re kind of like a family, only we’re a credit union

A lot of places say they treat you like family. At Fibre Federal Credit Union and TLC, we take it seriously. We’re the people you see at the grocery store and around town. We know you. We know your needs. We’re a part of your community and your family.

Better rates + low fees = happy members

When you become a member of the Fibre Family, you become an owner. We offer better rates and low fees to satisfy the people who matter most to us — people like you.

In person, virtual, or online

We love seeing you face-to-face. But if you prefer, you can give us a call, visit a virtual representative at one of our ITMs (Interactive Teller Machines), or bank online. It’s your choice, depending on how social you feel!

Your home is our home, so we like to keep it nice

We support our communities with programs, sponsorships and volunteer opportunities to make our community a better place to live.

How it works

Start teaching your child healthy savings habits in three easy steps:

  • 1

    Open an account

    Help your child open their account online.

  • 2

    Make regular deposits

    Encourage your teen to regularly add to their savings.

  • 3

    Save for the future

    Teach your child the value of saving and spending wisely.

Youth Savings Account

Prepare your child for the future

Teach your child the value of a dollar by building healthy saving and spending habits.

FRAUD ALERT: There are fraudulent texts claiming to be from us regarding pending charges. Do not click the link.

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