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If you’re using the CardValet app:
  • The CardValet app is now unavailable. If you established a Mobile Banking or Online Banking login, you’ll no longer need to access this app and should delete it from your device.
  • You can now access the integrated Fibre Card Manager app feature (not CardValet) right in our Mobile Banking app. Just log in as usual.
  • Cards and controls should have carried over from CardValet to Fibre Card Manager within our mobile app. Please note: if you added a second card in your current app, that card may need to be re-added so you can see it; however, the controls will still be in effect. If you customized alerts, please review those settings in Fibre Card Manger.
  • If you only have business and/or credit accounts and do not have access to Mobile Banking, you can still access the CardValet app to manage your cards. Log in to Card Valet as usual. You’ll see minor changes to screens. User credentials will remain the same, and all previously registered cards, alerts, and controls are still available.


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