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Introducing Zogo

It pays to learn about finance – literally! Zogo is a gamified financial literacy app that rewards users for completing bite-sized financial literacy lessons on intelligently saving, spending, and managing their money. The app includes nearly 400 modules in 22 different topics, from opening an account to saving for retirement – and everything in between.

¡Zogo también está disponible en  Español!

300+ Lessons

Fun & Free to Play

Real Rewards


By completing modules, taking quick quizzes, and participating in daily trivia games, users earn virtual “pineapples” that can be redeemed for real life rewards like gift cards to popular stores! Zogo is fun for all ages and we provide it free to our members!

*Users must have a ZIP code within FFCU & TLC service areas to qualify for enrollment and rewards. If you’re a current member outside our service areas, please contact us for assistance with creating your Zogo account.

It’s easy to sign up:

  • 1

    Download the app to your mobile device or tablet.

  • 2

    Get started by selecting a reward goal and building your profile.* Use sponsor access code FIBRE (make sure not to skip this step).

  • 3

    Submit and get ready to play!

Download Zogo and start your financial literacy adventure today!


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