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Bump Up Certificate

Stay in control of your money


We all know rates can fluctuate, so be ready when rates go up with a Bump Up Certificate! If the 24-35 month certificate rate rises during the term of your Bump Up Certificate, you can raise your rate to the new rate once during the lifetime of the certificate. You’re sure to get the best possible value!


Bump Up Your Rate

Why not get the most out of your certificate? You can "bump up" your 30 month Bump Up Certificate once during its term if the dividend rate of 24-35 month certificates have increased.

30 Month Certificate

Waiting is just no fun. Enjoy a certificate with a shorter term than other options, allowing you to access your funds sooner.

Open and Fund in Online Banking

In Desktop, click the Apply & Add tab and select Add Account. In Mobile, tap More, choose Apply & Add, and select Add Account. Choose the Bump Up Certificate and follow the prompts!

Bump Up Your Rate

because you deserve the best

Bump up the rate on your certificate once and take advantage of a great opportunity for growing your funds! Once during the term of your Bump Up Certificate, you can increase your rate to match the rates of 24-35 month certificates.

More Control

A certificate designed with you in mind

You're in control! Since you can change your savings rate once during the lifetime of this certificate, you have the power to improve your savings when you see an opportunity. To open the certificate, you need at least a $500 initial deposit and then continue to maintain a minimum balance to earn the APY on the funds. And with a 30 month term, your funds will be available to withdraw at maturity before you know it!

Final Balance

Contributions:     |    Earnings: 
Initial Deposit
Dividend Rate

Fibre was awesome for us to be able to go in there, and they would see the growth that we had and the money we were depositing, and we were able to move forward on all of our projects by using the credit union.

— Melissa – owner of Red Leaf Organic Coffee, Longview, WA

How it works

Open a Bump Up Certificate so you can have a way to increase your savings rate once during your certificate's lifetime.

  • 1

    Contact Us

    Let us know you'd like to open a Bump Up Certificate.

  • 2

    Make an initial deposit

    Deposit a minimum of $500 to officially open your certificate.

  • 3

    Bump up your rate

    If the 24-35 certificate rates increase, you can bump up your certificate's rate to match.

Bump Up Certificate

Watch for rate increases

If the opportunity arises, you can bump up your rate once during the lifetime of your certificate.

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